READ is a network of Egyptian researchers and academics who are based outside of Egypt. READ acts to bring together this under-utilised yet willing group for the purposes of furthering Egypt’s development particularly the development of its education sector. In recognition of the ability of members of the Egyptian diaspora to contribute to Egypt’s development even while abroad, READ was founded to help facilitate both the in-person and virtual participation of READ members as well as to collaborate, direct and multiply their developmental efforts.


Egyptians have been travelling abroad for the purposes of the pursuit of knowledge and more specifically, academic study, for decades. Since the 1970s when significant numbers of Egyptians began travelling to the West to obtain academic degrees, the number of Egyptian students has continued to increase resulting in a pool of highly educated Egyptians based in many prestigious institutions around the world. Leaving Egypt, nevertheless, has not meant forgetting Egypt and hence many developmental initiatives have emerged over the years from this group.

However, a network connecting academics and researchers of the Egyptian diaspora to one another and amplifying the positive effect they could have on Egypt’s education sector has unfortunately never existed. It is for this reason that READ was founded by members of the Egyptian diaspora in the UK in November 2014. READ hopes to grow to become an extensive and active network so please join us in pursuit of a brighter future for Egypt.


READ’s vision is to help build a vibrant and innovative Egyptian education sector that can drive Egypt forward towards a new era of social and economic development.


READ seeks to create a large network composed of Egyptian researchers and academics abroad in order to achieve the following objectives:

1. Provide a venue for networking between members of the network
2. Act as a database of the various skills and resources available amongst this valuable group
3. Shine light on the accomplishments of members of this network
4. Promote initiatives of the network amongst interested public and private education partners
5. Present members of READ with initiatives from Egyptian actors that require their participation
6. Host activities (e.g. conferences, workshops, virtual meetings) through which members of READ can engage with one another and as well as members of the education sector in Egypt

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